Benefits of Family Chiropractic

If you have issues with your health especially with your spine, then you might consider consulting a family chiropractor near you. Chiropractic medicine can be beneficial to you in a number of ways — and in some cases, insurance covers chiropractic medicine just as it does traditional medicine.

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What are some benefits to using chiropractic as an adjunct to traditional therapies?

Traditional medicine certainly benefits people suffering from disease and injuries, and it had come a long way in recent years especially with new drugs and treatments.

Our Tacoma chiropractors provide chiropractic adjustments (also known as spinal manipulation), massage therapy, laser therapy and more. We are committed to providing effective Finlayson Family Chiropractic treatments that will help relieve your pain, improve your mobility and increase blood flow throughout the body.

However, chiropractic medicine works with the body to basically restore “homeostasis,” whereby spinal realignment and other medical method for the skeletal structure are done for optimal health. It’s especially beneficial, for example, in cases of traumatic injury such as whiplash experienced during a car accident, migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, and back problems such as the lower back pain that so many of us experience on a regular basis.

What’s important to note here is that chiropractic medicine and traditional medicine don’t have to be in competition with each other. Instead, chiropractic medicine and traditional medicine can be used in tandem cooperatively to provide the best treatment for the situation in question.

Our business is family-owned so we know the value of treating people like family. We treat our patients like we treat our own family members. A comfortable clinic, licenses practitioners and award-winning treatment — we are your one stop Finlayson family chiropractic clinic. 

In many cases, though, chiropractic medicine can treat conditions of pain that traditional medicine remedies are inadequate for at best, like chronic pain. For example, with conditions of osteoarthritis, often times, the only solution s an allopathic medicine can offer are over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications; if those don’t work, stronger pain medications, including opiates, are also often prescribed. The problem with prescribing medication like this is that this type of medication has side effects. In some cases, it can be addictive. And in any case, the medication must be taken “permanently” if the pain itself is deemed permanent in order to have continual pain relief.

By contrast, chiropractic medicine works to help the patient by readjusting the skeletal structure, including the spine and back, so that pain is minimized or even alleviated altogether. And best of all, this can often be done without drugs or surgery, so that the pain solution in question is truly a “cure.” Although regular adjustments may need to be done by the chiropractor to keep the pain at bay, there is no invasive treatment like surgery necessary, and no regular ingestion of what can be harmful medications to manage pain.

You don’t have to have a “problem” to use chiropractic medicine

In fact, chiropractic medicine is very beneficial if you use it simply as a means to stay healthy and pain free. All of us experience stress such that we have spinal or skeletal aches and pains at some point. Perhaps our jobs are very active, or perhaps we spend most of our time sitting at a desk. Either way, we’re likely to experience aches and pains that chiropractic adjustment can simply set right. Therefore, regardless of our lifestyles, chiropractic medicine has a place in our lives so that we stay looking and feeling our best.

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